Sunday, January 4, 2009

Prelude to Freedom

Consider what it must have been like in the years preceding the American Revolution.

I imagine that the collective consciousness of our founding fathers up and down the original 13 states was onto something... that conditions in their lives and society had people all over - from all walks of life drawing some of the same conclusions at the same time, although completely independently: The time had come for them to be FREE.

I cannot imagine the exhilaration that must have overtaken them... the events that culminated. Like a pot of water heating on a stove waiting to boil, accelerating faster and faster toward an instant where it was changed...

I would love someone to share some links and references directing me to where I can read some of the incredible less-told tales of our fathers.

Surely in the beginning the movement began in a whisper... conversations in a town store or tavern near the marina... people realizing / concluding individually and collectively that a change MUST occur - and instantly began shaping a picture for what and how these changes would be actualized.

Perhaps early on George Washington from Virginia or John Adams from Massachusetts (or wherever) did not even know of each others' existence... in that they did not initially know the name of their counterpart in the next town or state. What they did know is that the leader in the next town was ready - and that society was ready to change - and even to fight for change.

What a time and feeling that must have been!

I believe that we are now living in just such a time... Americans are ready to return to being the greatest nation on earth, and make the changes - whatever they may require to being FREE.

As I have read the works of Emerson, Shaw, James or Dewey I have often wondered why so many great minds lived then, and yet now... (it has seemed) there are no great challengers. My Dad speaks with emotion about those who fought in the second World War; who stormed the beaches at Normandy or fought in the south Pacific. Today we call those people "The Greatest Generation"... and it is true - yet only because OUR Revolution, OUR Fight for Freedom has
only just begun.

If you listen you will hear it.

Go speak with your friends at a gathering. Listen to the woes of everyone you speak with, whether they are co-workers or neighbors, and you will hear the whispers of a new beginning.

This Blog is just one of many from the collective conscious of society as we all begin to shape our New America.

I hope this is not taken in any way to be a radical movement.

Our Fight for Freedom will be personal, individual, and values driven. It will change the way we as Americans spend and save money. It will change how we invest and value things like stocks and bonds. Our Fight will impact our views of the environment, oil consumption, religion, immigration, education.

It will not be won criticizing our current leaders, or by calling national radio shows.

This fight - if it is to be won - will be fought individually and personally. First within ourselves, and then with our children, and family. It will then extend to those we know and love - and continue until we have won as a nation, and as a world.

It will start with YOU, whoever you are. Your decision to BE FREE, and get off the couch and LEARN HOW. Maybe the first part of learning how is a simple refusal to be captive?

By no means do I have a concrete picture of how it will all look when we are done... but I am ready to start, and I pray you will join me.

There ARE 3 things you can do to get started;

1. Join this blog.
2. Refer others to join.
3. Comment Often.

We will be having America Remix meetings 2 times per month in any city where someone wants to step forward and hold the meetings. Please let me know if you are interested so we can get the cause going. In Salt Lake City, I have arranged for these meetings to begin starting NEXT FRIDAY. The meeting will be held in West Jordan. Contact me for info!

Finally, if you own a blog or would like to join me as a co-author of this blog, please let me know. Let's get to work!